A Novel Based on the Life of Christopher Gist

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Allen Powell Pofessor Emeritus HCC Author: Christopher Gist: Frontier Scout Maryland and the French and Indian War Forgotten Heroes of the Maryland Frontier

"Some lovers of history are wary of historical novels because they aver that 'it is hard to know where history ends and the novel begins'. This issue will not surface when the reader enters the world of Christopher Gist as portrayed by Christian Wig. In Annosanah…Mr. Wig consistently remains close to the historical record, yet he richly embellishes the onsite action and inter-personal relations with a fertile - but authentic - imagination.

Christopher Gist is one frontier scout who has caught the fancy of lovers of the colonial period; deservedly so. His reputation will surely be enhanced be the efforts of Christian Wig. At the same time, readers will be introduced to this remarkable, multi-talented personality in a new, more complete way."

Wennawoods Publishing Dedicated to preserving the history, heritage, culture and life of America's Eastern frontier

"This is our vote for anotherof the best new books of 2005.Annosanah comes to us from Christian Wig, whose lifetime of interest in one of the 18th century's most forgotten frontiersman, Christopher Gist has led to the real story behind known history of the pioneer, fur trader, guide and frontier legend.

Wig's first person approach to Gist's life is so understandable, that Gist literally leaps from the pages of this book. Known as Annosanah by his Indian friends, Wig portrays Gist consistently close to the historical record, while embellishing imaginatively, yet authentically, this amazing frontier prodigy we know as Christopher Gist. …"

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