Gate To Go Through
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1Cold Frosty Morning/Yew-Piney Mountain4:15
2Ducks On The Millpond2:32
3Georgia Wildcat Breakdown3:09
4Texas Twister2:10
5Jump Jim Crow1:38
6I Wish I Was a Mole in The Ground2:35
7Ninth of January3:17
8Lost Girl2:21
9Sally Ann Johnson3:33
10Green Willis2:50
11Gate to Go Through3:45
12Shelvin' Rocks/ Billy in the Lowlands3:23
13Sally Will You Marry Me?3:00
14Black-eyed Suzie2:28
15Shelvin' Rock1:58
16Double File1:42
17Julie Ann Johnson3:39
18Oh Poor Miss Liza3:15
19June Apple3:01
20Old Rusty Mill [Waltz]1:50
21The Indian's Dream2:41
22Peggin' Awl/ Paddy on the Turnpike3:14