A Novel Based on the Life of Christopher Gist

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Author's Note

     Annosanah is a work of fiction with an historical base, well grounded in research and documentation. Christopher Gist, the man to whom the Wyandot name, Annosanah, was given, is an actual person in the annals of Colonial America, as are most of the people in the book. The major events are real and my representations of these are gleaned from both period sources and modern scholarship.

     Conversation, wherever possible, reflects the thoughts and opinions expressed in letters and journals of the various speakers. Often, though, it is based on probable opinions implied by their actions. Indian oratory is taken verbatim from Colonial records and the journals of Christopher Gist and young George Washington. Needless to say, the words of these various Indians were written down by white men. But, I believe they still give much insight into the way these Indian speakers thought and expressed themselves, at least to the white men.

     In addition to the text of the novel, explanatory notes on each chapter can be found at the end of the book. These notes are not numbered, but their reference to details in their respective chapters will be apparent. The novel is intended to stand alone. But by referring to these notes, the reader can acquire additional information helpful in painting a broader picture of the period, relate the location of historic places to today's landmarks, and check sources for confirmation of information. I have also included a bibliography of the sources that appear in the chapter notes.

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