Gate To Go Through
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ChrisAlbum.jpg Christian Wig learned to frail a banjo in 1971. In the late 70's, with partner Dave Neff, he owned Boulder Junction Folk Music Center in Uniontown, Ohio, where he built and repaired instruments and ran a coffee house featuring the likes of the Hot Mud Family, the Highwoods, Tracy Schwartz and Lou Killen. Beginning the fiddle with South Forty in 1975, the North Fork Rounders, Boiled Buzzards, and Mustill House Muskrats have featured his fiddle ever since. Fuzzy Mountain, Skillet Lickers, Tommy Jerrell and Melvin Wine have influenced him. You can find him at Mt. Airy and Clifftop old-time music festivals yeary.
MarkAlbum.jpg Mark Olitsky started to play Clawhammer banjo while in college in the late 70's. He played with Able Brothers, Kevin Enoch and Bob Smakula in the 80's. Since then he has enhanced various old-time bands in NE Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. Mark is also a member of the old time string band jimmyjohnnyjoe with Joe Thrift, Debra Clifford and Jason Sypher. He currently resides in Clevaland, Ohio also attending many old-time music festivals. Influences: Fred Cockerham, Bascom Lamar Lunsford and Tommy Jerrel.
DaveAlbum.jpg Dave Rice came to old-time string band music through hearing the harmonica of Dr. Humphrey Bate on a 78 rpm recording. He has continued to explore the role of the harmonica in both traditional string band and solo settings as exemplified in the classic era commercial recordings of the late 20's and early 30's. He has played in dance bands since 1984 in the Cleveland, Ohio area, where he resides with his family and teachers old-time harmonica. Dave is also a local and national festival attendee.