Notes on the Tunes

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23. Flatfoot in the Ashes ~ Icy Mountain

In the year 1800 after the first meeting of the Free Masons in what is now Webster Co, West Virginia (then Virginia) the women and children were invited to an “Old Virginia Hoedown to the music of two violins playing such tunes as ‘Leather Britches’ and ‘Flatfoot in the Ashes.’ They danced until daylight.” (Milnes) This setting is from a Bill Reed field recording, provided by Kerry Blech, of West Virginia fiddlers Harvey Sampson and Frank George. “Icy Mountain” comes from another Braxton Co. fiddler, Ward Jarvis (1894-1982), who later moved to south eastern Ohio. He learned many of his tunes from left-handed Clay Co. fiddler, Frank Santy and was the first call as banjoist for “Uncle Jack” McElwain, whenever he came to town. But Ed Haley was his favorite fiddler. Jarvis’ setting was recorded by Jeff Goehring in 1977.

Chris’ fiddle GDGD ; Whitt’s banjo dGDF#A: Joe - guitar