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1. Indian Eat the Woodchuck

One of many floating titles, Titon matches different Kentucky fiddlers as to whether their Indians “eat” ate” or “killed” a “woodchuck” “woodcock” “woodhen” or whether they just coexisted, as in “Indian and the Woodchuck,” recorded in 1942 by African American fiddler Frank Patterson. This David R tune does not match any of those. Steve Green also tuned down a step, in keeping with tradition, and recorded the B part beginning with an Em chord. While notation does not suggest that, I liked it, and it is certainly consistent with a tradition that champions the minor/modal sound.

Chris’ da Salo gut-strung fiddle F#C#G#D# (GDAE) :
Whitt’s Dobson gut-strung banjo c#F#C#FG#