Notes on the Tunes

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22. Jolly Blacksmith

Subtitled “She wouldn’t come at all” with no explanation, this comes from Williamson. It is known as “The Route” in West Virginia settings and was played throughout the southern frontier in the early 1800s. (Jabbour, Hammons, 66) Burl Hammons learned his setting from his uncle Edden. Henry Reed played a version he got from an old man in Monroe County, West Virginia and claimed it was similar to his uncle’s setting. Melvin Wine’s “Peggin’ Awl” bears a striking resemblance. It is also recorded by Harvey Taylor under the name of “Old Mother Flannigan.” (Harrison) The melody also has similarities to “Jenny on the Railroad,” recorded by Carter Brothers and Son from Mississippi, which might show how the tune moved with westward expansion. (Jabbour, Fiddle)

Chris’ Hopf F#C#F#C# (GDGD) : Whitt’s Dobson c#F#C#FG#