Notes on the Tunes

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7. Chapel Hill March

This Emmett Lundy tune in 6/8 or “triple metre” was played as a “school breaking” march, i.e. the last day of the school year, a sad occasion for the children who would not see their friends for months. Nevertheless, there was a big celebration with “box lunches, speeches, dialogues (plays), music and perhaps a march. If a march were held, the children would line up behind the banjo and fiddle players and march out of the schoolhouse to the strains of this tune” and other marches like it. Virginia fiddler Taylor Kimble recorded it in 4/4 and called it “Green Willis” after a local fiddler by that name. The British antecedent is “The New Rigged Ship.” (Carter) It seems that marching was not confined to the last day of school. Kentucky fiddler “soft spoken” Walter McNew spoke of parading into class each morning to the teacher’s piano marches, one of which, not knowing the name, he called “Mamie Potts’ Schottische.” (Black Jack Grove)

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