Old Time Music

Cherokee Water Blessing Song

I originally found this tune and two others on a U-tube performance of Barry Bailey, Cherokee musician playing the cedar flute. The Cherokee were one of the few tribes that resolved to assimilate into White Culture during the late 17 and early 1800s. For a time, until the Indian Removal Act of the US Congress in 1838, the Cherokee farmed the land in the Carolinas, owned slaves, built towns, etc. I also thought it possible that some of them might have taken up the fiddle. It so happens that Major John Norton, a Mohawk chief of Scottish descent kept a journal of a trip to the Cherokee Nation in 1809-1810 wherein he describes being entertained by Cherokee fiddlers playing traditional Cherokee tunes for dancers. Then to his surprise, these same fiddlers played some English fiddle tunes while the dancers lined up for contra dancing. (Castro) Chris fiddle: gdae.
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